Epostuc D12 Light Glass, a two-component system based on epoxy resins, has special quartzes and particular additives to favour its application even on vertical grouts.This system, washable with water during installation, is produced in 24 colours to suit specific requirements in the area of decorating, where you can also apply special decorative effects by adding gold, silver, copper, pearly, or photo-luminescent material glitter to the mixture. A two-component acid-resistant epoxy sealant for ceramic tiles with excellent adhesion to various types of media and good chemical resistance.

adhesives and sealants
sealants for terracotta floors
porphyry sealants


Epoflex F50

Epoflex F50 consists of elastomeric polyurethane resins, selected quartz minerals and specific additives.


  • Adhesion on difficult surfaces or those subject to deformation, and ceramics of every type and size;
  • laying of moisture-sensitive natural stone and recomposed marble;
  • laying of glass mosaics;
  • laying of ceramic tiles on kitchen surfaces, wood work or iron;
  • laying on heated screeds.


Two-component epoxy-polyurethane adhesive for gluing wood flooring of any size.It is also suitable for pre-finished parquet flooring.


Laying of parquet and wooden floors, following the inspection of residual substrate humidity using a carbide hygrometer, as well as the ageing of the parquet to be glued.


Epoflex 03

L’Epoflex 03 è indicato per:

  • sigillatura dei giunti di frazionamento di pavimentazioni ceramiche in ambientazioni soggette a traffico di mezzi pesanti, muletti, transpallet, o dove è richiesta resistenza agli acidi, come in supermercati, caseifici o industrie;
  • sigillatura dei giunti di frazionamento di pavimentazione di calcestruzzo come in parcheggi, o capannoni industriali;
  • sigillatura dei giunti delle pavimentazioni in PVC.
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