Epoxy resin hardeners

Rica Resine has a full range of two-component and one-component epoxy resins hardeners capable of providing the best temperature resistance.

One-component epoxy resinsare in solid form, easily hot-meltable and can be transformed into liquid state by dissolving in solvents.To get the best levels of resistance to wear, temperature and atmospheric agents, one-component epoxy resins are usually added to and with latent hardeners.

Polymerisation of one-component epoxy resins takes place with heat treatment with subsequent cooling.Such procedure forms a solid product with high chemical, thermal and mechanical resistance.

Two-component epoxy resinsare in liquid form and can catalyse at room temperature due to the so-called reaction "of an induced isothermal nature" by the addition of hardeners with an amine and/or polyamide function.

Advantages of epoxy resin hardeners

  • a high level of fluidity - particularly suitable for casting and layering application
  • low linear shrinkage
  • optimal wettability and surface finish
  • resistance to wear, high temperatures and mechanical stresses
  • hydrophobic and dielectric properties
  • high adhesion power
  • cold or hot cross-linking with the addition of the hardener
  • possibility to confer special features to the resin by adding appropriate fillers

Binders for Screeds

Rica Resine proposes semi-fast drying binders for screeds for the preparation of base screeds to use as an underlay for flooring and interior and exterior coatings in wood, vinyl, linoleum, carpet and ceramics.The binders for screeds proposed by the company from Bologna allow to obtain reduced drying times and a high level of workability.

Water-based epoxy resins

Rica Resine's range also includes water-based epoxy resins with exceptional performance even on the most difficult surfaces.They are used for bonding and filling the gaps between ceramic tiles where high mechanical, chemical and thermal strength is required, in environments such as industrial kitchens, laboratories, sewage treatment plants and warehouses.

Concrete repair systems

Rica Resine's epoxy resins hardeners also include suitable solutions for the repair, maintenance and restoration of concrete.They are used for cracks, stiff joints, doorways and grouting machinery.These products can also be used for the creation of protective and consolidating coatings even on wet surfaces to give new life to old concrete floors.

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