Bondepox PZ

Bondepox PZ is a two-component zinc powder based epoxy primer with outstanding anti-corrosion properties for an electrochemical effect.It is suitable for both weather-resistant coatings and for coatings in contact with chemical aggressors.

Epoxidro 03

Epoxidro O3 is a formulation based on epoxy resin that hardens due to its reaction with a hardener.Due to its composition, the product is particularly suitable as a concrete primer, even with old paint residues. In fact, it offers an excellent anchoring power on most surfaces.

Epoxidro 3C

A three-component primer based on epoxy resins, hydraulic binders, siliceous aggregates and special additives.Suitable for use on concrete floors, damp walls and old tiling.

Resina 723-Indurente M

Epoxy system for floorings


  • Primer;
  • consolidations;
  • production of resin/quartz screeds;
  • waterproofing;
  • a protective and decorative coating for shop, office, and exhibition room flooring.
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